LIFEE’s central monitoring system, LCMM, can connect 64 vital signs monitors from LM and LMPLUS series



With the following features:

  • Connectivity for 32 patients with a single central monitor, or up to 64 with two monitors
  • Bi-directional communication between central station and each bedside monitor, allowing alarm configuration
  • monitors can connect via LAN network, Wireless or combined network
  • Visualize up to 4 simultaneous waveforms and numeric parameters for each patient, in a collapsed view that allows revision of every patient in the network
  • ECG module measures ST segment and does basic arrhythmia analysis
  • Additionally, full disclosure view of any patient is available, displaying every parameter and waveform measured in bedside monitor
  • Review short 24-hour trends for each patient, and trend data for up to 240 hours for each clinic monitor
  • Alarms are audible and visual with 3 priority levels, user-adjustable, for every monitored parameter
  • Storage and review of up to 720 alarm events, with alarm waveform review
  • Several view options: multi-waveforms and large font
  • Report generation assistant, allowing report printing through laser printer connected to the network or exporting documents in PDF format
  • Includes connecting ports for intrahospital HL7 protocol